Erin Sexton (aircraft!) and Gmackrr (Emilie Mouchous) met through "Ladies Club", a Montreal-based collective.

Our interests as a duo include radio frequencies, bent toys (with body contact directly on the circuits), handmade oscillators, feedback, and tape music, as well as everyday life objects and voices.

Our simple and playful instruments allow us to focus on sonic interactions/discussions in between performance art, improvisation and sculpture.

We like to create drastic changes with a slight touch, and amplify small things. It usually goes from awkward and absurd sounds to overwhelming and surprising textures. Anyhow, we really enjoy playing together and involving the audience in both intent listening and laughter.


  • Ladies Club CD Launch - December 4th @ Cagibi :

  • - 1:35 (.mov)
    - 16:19 (.mp3)

  • Gmackrr+Aircraft! in a kitch basement :

  • - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


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