AJ & EM :

The first sounds Emilie Mouchous and Andrea-Jane Cornell melded together were broadcast from CKUT's Master Control Room to the city of Montreal, it was a hurried affair that has turned in to a solid relationship based upon the act of listening.

Emilie coaxes sharp textures from her hand made electronic instruments,
AJ enjoys sustained sounds of the saw and field recordings.

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¤ The Montreal Sessions - a 3-hour cassette trilogy - february 2012
The Montreal Sessions is a collection of recordings around a residency at CKUT Radio in july 2011. While the two sound pieces of the first cassette were produced as a duo in CKUT's on air studio, cassette II and III each contain a solo piece and a field recording by each artist.
CASSETTE I (AJ+EM)- Side A : "and now we go outside..." // Side B : Vociferous vocalizations freeform and using id m theft able's "Poems" or "indeterminate compositions" or "doodles" to be "rendered aloud" or just "looked at"
CASSETTE II (AJ) - Side C : Substrata // Side D : Electromagnetic Soundwalk
CASSETTE III (EM) - Side E : Voice piece : côtés d'un corps à faces nombreuses // Side F : Les incroyables oies des neiges de Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton (décembre 2011)

¤ Rise and Shine - pièce radiophonique - 47'21 - december 2011
Rise and Shine is the first episode of a series of three, Range : Local, Distant, Fringe curated by Radius, an experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago, IL. Read all about it and LISTEN HERE

¤ Noctambulismes - pièce radiophonique - 29'17 - february 2011
The piece was available to download on the Brunel Electronic and Analog Music (BEAM) Festival's website in june 2011, inviting travelers from London, UK to enjoy on their train ride to BEAM.

¤ bubbling wheatsports - cassette C30 - winter 2011 (images)
nous : Bobineau - Plips - Kazoofeedbacked - Metabellechorte Interlude - Tweedback
vous : Tribute to Albert Ayler - Whisle bird water outhouse feedback - Camillus in Kingston with Ed buscemi (reeds) and Jeremy Dziedzic (electronics)

¤ with Aaron Rosenblum & ID M Theft Able - C30 & assemblage - winter 2011
5. sideAA
6. sideS

¤ Avant-plans et bruits de fond - cd-r & collage - spring 2010
Bruits de fond et avant-plans - extrait

¤ Miutes tessituras on Deep Wireless 7 RADIO ART Compilation - CD2
produced by New Adventures In sound Art, Toronto - summer 2010

¤ Solo apparitions in Ladies club vol2 - 3"- le son 666 - 2007

Eau et gaz à tous les étages


¤ Range : Rise and Shine aired in some early morning in Chicago, IL -  Radius - JAN 2012

¤ The Montreal Sessions - one-month residency at CKUT Radio, Montreal - JULY 2011 (pictures)
¤ C.O.A.L.E.S.C.E.N.C.E - an evening of electronic music - Le Cagibi, Montreal - JUN 25
¤ Rise and shine - using Joe Burgio's cards - CKUT Radio, Montreal - MAR 18
¤ w/ID M Theft Able - XFest - 119 Gallery, Lowell,MA - MAR 5
¤ Sonorium sound series - Griffen Theatre, Salem,MA - FEB 5
¤ Feeding Tube Records, Northampton MA - FEB 4 - VIDEO !!
¤ w/ID M theft Able & Flandrew Fleisenberg - L'Envers, Montreal,QC

¤ w/ID M Theft Able - The Artel, Kingston, ON
¤ Albert Ayler's tribute - The Earth Ship, Toronto,ON
¤ East Village Art Co-op - London,ON
¤ Nitro November Day - University of Farmington in Maine
¤ w/Aaron Rosenblum - Entertainment through pain, CKUT Radio
¤ Frantasia Festival of Out Music and Art - Livermore Falls,ME
¤ Macaroni Marathon

¤ The Magic Soundbox
¤ Live radio art on CKUT

In advance on the broken string

In advance of the broken string - photos by Richard Sassaman
Nitro November Day at the University of Maine in Farmington

Bord de mer